Getting Started

Writing your first SimulaQron program





SimulaQron is free to use by everyone. If you do use SimulaQron for your research, please cite our paper as:

Axel Dahlberg and Stephanie Wehner, “SimulaQron – A simulator for developing quantum internet software”, 2019 Quantum Sci. Technol. 4 015001

SimulaQron itself is written in Python, with programming libraries provides already in Python and C. By far the easiest way to run program your application is using the Python library (Pythonlib).

First of all, you will need to install SimulaQron itself! Follow the instructions at:

We recommend that you also run the tests to verify your install. To write your own program, check out how to use the Python library

Other useful links

  • The paper describing the design of SimulaQron.
  • Courses on ethical hacking can be found at:
    “Ethical hackers play an important role in organizations by finding and fixing vulnerabilities in systems and applications. Python is a high-level programming language that’s ideal for security professionals as it’s easy to learn and lets you create functional programs with a limited amount of code.A decent selection of courses are available to learn about ethical hacking with Python.”




Get the code. Report bugs. Contribute!

The full code can be freely accessed on GitHub. Here you can also report bugs, make feature requests or even contribute with your own code.