Take part in our first SimulaQron programming competition!



Do you want to take on the challenge of programming a quantum internet protocol? We are hosting a competition for those taking the course Quantum Cryptography that is running on edX! Instructions for the edX exercises can also be found here. If you have not yet signed up for the edX class, but would like to participate in the competition, we kindly ask you to sign up for the class – this will allow us to integrate you in the selection process!

The best projects will also be featured on this website after completion.

What’s the prize?

We have three categories that will be awarded a prize:

  • Best individual project. We are excited to invite the winner for an internship with QuTech’s Quantum Internet Team in the summer! (Dates flexible, to be discussed with winner).
  • Best group project. Always wanted to have a quantum internet outfit? This is your chance.
  • Audience prize: after posting the top project on this website, we will ask the public to vote for their favorite project – prize to be awarded afterwards.

How will we pick the winners?

We will look at the best projects submitted on edX. Projects there are peer graded which will be used as input, but the final selection of the group and individual project will be made by us. The audience prize will be determined by popular vote online.


Get the code. Report bugs. Contribute!

The full code can be freely accessed on GitHub. Here you can also report bugs, make feature requests or even contribute with your own code.